Group Activities & Exercises

Our team plans daily activities, as well as daily routine exercises in the form of light games and special activities. We, here, focus on the physical movements as well as fun special events to fulfill the varied interests of the residents. Many of our activities are based on operations that are familiar as well as easy to carry out for the residents. We strive to offer activities that are fun, exciting, and rewarding.

24×7 Onsite Caregivers

We provide a 24×7 active onsite staff service. An individually tailored 24-hour support service is provided to the residents and their families. All the services are just a call away. Though we believe in seniors to remain independent in a professionally accomplished community, we take honor in serving them anytime as per their requirements.

Professional Resource Advocacy

We focus on providing support and professional medical services administered by licensed staff. We have skilled nursing and therapy professionals with clinical potential. We have a diversified range of Physical, Occupational, and, Speech therapies. Our expert nursing and therapy care are founded on the principles of providing quality clinical care.

Fully Furnished Rooms

We have fully furnished living space for our residents. We offer fully optimized facilities that are favorable for every possible need of the senior residents. We will further provide add-on services such as personal health expert or homemaker services to fulfill all the needs of our residents. We, hereby, also customize the plans as per the requirements of the resident.

Healthy Meals For Better Nutrition

We understand how important nutrition is to our seniors, therefore, we pride ourselves on employing a Registered Dietitian and several other experienced staff. The staff is well equipped for preparing and providing three delicious and balanced meals. These meals are served in beautifully decorated dining rooms. Residents are free to make selections according to their personal preferences on a meal-to-meal basis. As needed, therapeutic diets are prepared according to the physician’s prescribed orders and the client’s personal choice.

Assistance With Activities Of Daily Living

Aging affects each person differently, and at different times. Therefore, each individual requires a personalized care plan depending on their personal and medical needs. At Harborside, we carefully examine each resident and allocate personalized dynamic activities to them. Further, we keep track of the progress and continue to update our activity plans as the individual progresses.

Incontinence Care

We at Harborside also know how crucial incontinence care is for enabling independent living for our seniors. We give Bladder training, to help them control their urination. Using double voiding, we help them learn how to empty their bladder to avoid overflow incontinence. We employ personalized scheduled toilet trips as well, as needed by the resident.

Housekeeping Services

We have in-house housekeeping staff to make this place more vibrant and cleaner in addition to the laundry services, Their daily tasks include housecleaning (disposing of waste, cleaning dirty surfaces, dusting, and vacuuming, etc.) without any disturbances caused to our residents. It also involves outdoor chores, such as removing leaves from rain gutters, washing windows, sweeping doormats, and so on.

Medication Management

Medication management plays a vital role in better health improvements. Therefore, at Harborside, we not only believe in providing good nutrition but also in better medication management. Here, we administer the medical doses carefully for each resident. Residents are also free to take their medicines on their own but we monitor their doses all the time. It enables us to keep a track of their progress in their health reports and keep their families updated.

General Supervision & Reminders

We deploy a supervision team that randomly checks on the residents. They also supervise all the activities are planned properly, keeping in mind the requirements of the residents.  In case of any negligence, strict action is taken immediately. Further, we also deploy a set of caregivers to each wing who keeps tab of the activities, meals, medications, incontinence, etc., and reminds the residents of any missed task.

Laundry Services

A good laundry service is vital to maintain hygiene as well as good health. Since our seniors require more attention on sanitation and may be inefficient in maintaining so, we understand their needs. We provide laundry services so that our residents feel more comfortable in a hygienic and clean environment. We change the sheets and clothes on daily basis and also iron their clothes and make them feel at home. We understand how important hygiene is to keep our residents healthy and safe.

Visiting Physician & Podiatry Services

We have visiting physicians to keep a check on the health of our residents. As we understand, how crucial it is to have regular health check-ups for our seniors.  We also have a visiting Podiatrist for proper foot care management and diagnosis as well as treatment of the residents. As with age, the healing process slows down which may hinder proper foot care management. We, therefore, provide regular health checkups so that elderly people can benefit by having healthy bodies as well as healthy feet.

Home Health Care / Palliative Care / Hospice Care As Needed

Harborside can coordinate hospice care services on an as-needed basis. The professional caretakers and psychologists specialize in supporting the unique emotional and physical needs of seniors on hospice. This service also includes emotional support, practical guidance, and emotional navigation with loved ones.